Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that come from being fully supported in your Simply Music studio

Ivory League Membership is kind of like being in an exclusive club. Members are all Simply Music Teachers dedicated to achieving breakthroughs for their students, their businesses, and themselves.  Your investment in yourself will yield returns that result only from this kind of highly specialized support.

Here's what's included: 

Live Coaching Calls
Laurie hosts twice-monthly 90-minute Live Coaching Calls where members come together for a variety of topics and support. For example:

  • Presentations by Laurie on topics important to your success
  • Creative & collaborative projects
  • Opportunity to practice 'teaching' other members 
  • Member Q&A - anything goes

All Live Coaching Calls are recorded and available for later viewing by members.

Loads of Content

  • Courses - deep dive into a subject; Modules are drip-fed once per week and include several lessons and resources.
  • Toolkits - collections of ideas and ready-to-use resources on a particular topic.
  • Tutorials - video instruction for specific projects
  • Curriculum Resources - tons of 1- to 3-page resources for every area of the curriculum

More Goodies

  • Member-exclusive discounts on events and other products
  • Private Facebook page for additional encouragement, support, and idea sharing


Reassuring Support


The ideas I get from connecting with other teachers are invaluable. The resources that I can access at any time are also hugely helpful. It is making me a better and more knowledgeable teacher, providing me with new friendships and connections, and is very reassuring to know I have all of this support available to me.

Loving Support


I have the loving support of an experienced community of other teachers whenever questions or doubts arise.

Making connections


I have gotten so many amazing tips and support. The resources are invaluable and I have used many of them with my students. It has been wonderful connecting with teachers of different levels and feeling like everyones opinions and thoughts matter.