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Individualized Coaching

My decades of experience in these eclectic areas have developed into a unique wisdom and understanding of how to find success and fulfillment as a Simply Music teacher

  • Mastery of the entire Simply Music curriculum

  • Traditional piano background

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

  • Mastery in Teaching Shared Lessons

  • Teaching students with special needs

  • Operating a large studio and employing teachers

  • Continuous pursuit of Personal Growth and Leadership Skills

  • Years of experience coaching Simply Music Teachers

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Confidence to make changes


Laurie helped me define my goals, then suggested options for achieving them. I could feel her compassion in every conversation we had. Laurie has a wonderful way of taking you out of your comfort zone and helping you find the confidence to make changes. I know my studio wouldn't be as successful as it is today without the support I have from Laurie.

An amazing coach


Laurie is an amazing coach. I had the pleasure of having her first as a teacher and then a mentor during and after the process becoming a teacher! She is encouraging and has really great insight on how to proceed in the best way possible.  I am so thankful to have such an experienced person to lean to when I need help.

Encourage and challenge


Laurie's experience teaching Simply Music, her insights into how people think and act, her patience, and her willingness to both encourage and challenge--these are the attributes that make her the ideal coach for any Simply Music teacher! The strategies you implement as you work with her will be a true asset to you and your studio.

A treasure


To have a place where concerns can be expressed and heard, and valuable suggestions given is truly a treasure. The impact for me has been a building of a core of confidence.

Simply Music Master Coach Laurie Richards

A lifelong musician and pianist, Laurie discovered her passion when she began teaching the Simply Music program in 2003. Laurie earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and worked as an Accountant for several years before discovering her love for teaching. Once she began teaching Simply Music, her studio quickly outgrew her home location, at which point she moved to a commercial space and employed several Simply Music teachers. Laurie has worked closely with Simply Music founder Neil Moore for years, has written curricula for the Simply Music program, hosts teacher conferences and enjoys coaching and supporting other teachers. She still maintains a small student base online. You'll find Laurie to be professional but somewhat goofy and quirky. She simply believes in having fun and enjoying every aspect of life!